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Kenya Trip December 2020
 What a joy and privilege to share a workshop on "The Mission of the Holy Spirit"!  What a special opportunity to share the book in the Swahili language and English!  God had orchestrated the conference with a Kenyan student we met 16 years ago at our local community college, David Cheromei.  The information below and a few pictures help tell the story.
Host David Cheromei receiving his
certificate of completion for
The Mission of the Holy Spirit workshop
Wade during a teaching time
at the conference
The Mission of the Holy Spirit is not just to read but to experience. The pastors meditated and experience the teachings for each mission. With prayerful hearts and bowed heads they experienced God the Holy Spirit indwelling them, interceding for them, and other missions of the Holy Spirit. Prayer walks and other events helped attendees encounter God beyond the classroom teaching times

 Grace of God Children’s Project is the ministry that hosted me during the Kenya mission trip.  Here is a brief bio from their website:


   “David Cheromei, originally from Kenya, and currently serving in Kenya with his wife Laurel and their three children, Lily, Levi and Lucy. David opened his collegiate career at Butler Community College in Eldorado, Kansas. David did track and cross country for Butler. He won NJCAA indoor national titles in the mile and 5,000 meters and took the outdoor steeplechase crown.  David then transferred to Virginia Intermont College in Bristol, Virginia. David won 13 National titles and one National record. David graduated from Virginia Intermont College in Bristol, Virginia with B.A in Business Administration-International Management. He later got his M.A. in Human Services-Health and Wellness at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.”

   While David was running in the states, he was establishing the Grace Family ministries because of his passion for children who are impoverished, and need a spiritual foundation for life.  It was while he was running that God spoke to him, “Go back!”  It was time for him to relocate his family and take them to Kenya.  On a 5 acre plot which God provided, they have built a school, an orphanage, a house, offices and a conference room, and the church building will be started soon, when more funds are raised.  This was done in 7 years!

   David is a “go-getter” kind of guy who does not like being in second.  Among other things I learned about David, besides his racing philosophy, was more of his testimony about many things that impacted his life in positive and negative ways.  Struggles, injuries, lack of resources, whatever might debilitate most of us was met with zeal for God and love for children.  In humility, he can agree with Paul’s conclusion, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Phil. 4:13).”


I wanted to share this song with you again.     God put it in my heart, and my friend Steve Butler recorded it.  My hope is that the message of love will bless your lives and be a ray of hope in this wild and wacky world. I pray that the message and
music of the song blesses you)

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Thanks for partnering with us in this mission!


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Thanks and God Bless.


Dear Family, Friends, Intercessors, and Supporters,

   The first Liberia trip as a CMF (Church Multiplication Facilitator) for One Mission Society is now completed!  We deeply appreciate all of your prayers and thoughts during this journey.  The trip has ended, but the labors have started as we seek to help present the gospel to 1,000,000,000 people by 2026.      

   The trip was marked by numerous other blessings.  Safe travels and good health are always appreciated.  The opportunity to preach one night during revival meetings at a local church resulted in 7 salvations and 11 rededications.  Sharing with a Muslim in the plane resulted in his commitment to read the Bible and explore Christianity.  Testimonies of coming back from the dead and Muslim sightings of Jesus were extraordinary and powerful.  Corporate prayer and worship were the usual joyous and wonderful experiences.  Next trip Peggy will join me to share in all of these labors and blessings.                                                     

   Many diverse ministries marked this trip.  I assisted the four ladies of Dynamic Women ministries of OMS as they did five days of training in CHE (Community Health Evangelism) and Basic Coaching for leadership.  Co-laboring with Rev. Solomon Davis, the ECC (Every Community for Christ) National Director for Liberia was also a primary ministry.  Assessing existing church planting, visioning for the future planting, and starting a plan of action for training and church multiplication was the focus of much of the time.

   �The most important thing we build on mission trips is relationships (Chuck Shawver, Mexico missionary).�  It is relationships that made this trip come together, connections in Christ that aided it�s success, and like-hearted believers that will co-labor to see kingdom dreams fulfilled.  Our church planters from 2007 are joining our new pastor friends in the Train and Multiply equipping model of church planting.  Solomon has already trained some of the pastors in T&M who can now train others.  The II Timothy 2:2 principle of �teaching others to teach others� is at work in Liberia!


What an awesome trip to India!!!
   Gordon took us to meet his friends at Agape International Ministries, and then we went to meet our new friend, Abha.  The Johns, who established AIM
about four decades ago have the orphanage, a school, Bible clubs, churches, and numerous ministries and services in India.  It was an extraordinary time to
stay in their home, share with the orphans and be blessed by their music, see God at work in the churches, and enjoy fellowship and friendship in Christ.
   As of today (1-21-18), 2,400 copies of the Hindi translation of "The Mission of the Holy Spirit" have been distributed in India.  We have an immediate request 
for 2,000 more copies.  Please pray and help us to buy and give more Hindi translations.  Many thanks to our friends in India that are excitedly and faithfully
sharing copies of this special message.

In Him,


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  Welcome to Graber Ministries!  This ministry was birthed in the mid 1980's to compliment Wade's pastoral ministry.  It began as evangelistic and renewal gatherings.  Radio broadcasts were added.  Missions to Liberia came into focus, September 24. 1992 when Wade received a collect phone call. 
Those ministries have included evangelistic outreaches, pastor training, church planting, Bible distributions, starting schools, supporting orphans, child sponsorships, reopening medical facilities, and numerous other personal contacts.
The results of these joint endeavors include:  a Liberian church in New Jersey, 6,000 plus saved and given a Bible in Liberia, two Graber Ministries Academies, support of an orphanage, help to rebuild Ricks Institute in Virginia, Liberia, RISS child sponsorship, two medical clinics re-opened and celebration of the Hospitals of Hope 1.1 million dollar installation at JFK Memorial Hospital in Monrovia, more than 240 churches planted through First Baptist Church El Dorado and OMS, and numerous other personal contacts.

Wade is married to Peggy and they have two married children.